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    Help to enable the actions for 'Sheet Navigation and Actions' button

    Mariese Mikely



      I have data in the table widget and I've added a 'Sheet Navigation and Actions' button so that it can filter the selected values within the data. Within the button widget under the actions section I enabled the 'Actions before Navigating' button, then the first action field I selected 'Select Value in Field', within the field section I entered '=GetFieldSelection([Resolver Group])' and then the value section I entered '=('NW3-Planning and Workflow')'

      I hoped that once I clicked the button, that the table will filter the data to only show the user rows that contains 'NW3-Planning and Workflow' in the 'Resolver Group' column. But at the moment nothing is happening. I've isolated to coding to make sure the button was working, which it was. The coding was also saying it was correct but for some reason I believe it is not referencing the table widget.

      Would you guys show me how to reference the table within the 'Sheet Navigation and Actions' button widget..