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    Distribute to folder removes some rights ?

    Frédéric Villemin



      I'm in charge of a big migration from Qlikview Server built-in distribution to a Publisher server.


      We have around 150 tasks scheduled in Qlikview Server and as I have understood, we need to migrate them all to Publisher before connecting it to the Server.


      I have installed a Publisher to test it and I have already migrated some applications :

      • moved .qvw and data files to the Source Documents
      • created a task with Reload and Distribute to Folder  (Authenticated Users, like on QV Server)
      • Then when the destination .qvw is created, I take it and put it on the User Documents of Qlikview Server.


      It works fine with standard document and simple Section Access.


      But with complicated Section Access using data reduction based on some fields, it seems to lose this configuration and opening fails for users.


      On all our documents, all rights are set in the Section Access and then we allow all Authenticated users (connected through Custom id). Qlikview matches the ID with NTNAME and it works correctly, but not with Distributed to Folder's documents.


      I have tried to refresh the failing documents on a Qlikview Desktop on the Publisher server, then copy them on Qlikview Server and they work correctly.


      I have also found a solution : remove the distribute part in Publisher and only Reload the documents, then take the .qvw of Source Documents' folder and copy it to Qlikview Server. It works flawlessly too.


      Why ?   why does Distribute to Folder breaks the Section Access security when data reduction is used ?


      When the migration is done, we will change the parameters to Distribute to Qlikview Server. How can I be sure it will work correctly ?



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          Rob Wunderlich

          My guess is that when moving the file back to the Server Folder, you are picking up some inherited permissions.  In any case, the way you are doing it sounds complicated and potentially problematic.  How about doing the migration this way.


          1. Add the new distribution folder as a mounted folder on the server.

          2. To migrate a qvw, move it from the old server folder to the new Publisher Source folder. Then create a reload and distribute task for it.



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              Frédéric Villemin

              Hello Rob,


              What a good idea : making the distribute to a shared folder. I was so silly I had not thought about that and created a batch to copy files from a distribution folder to the remote server.


              It works


              there are still problems of security .. when data reducing, the document fails to load on the Server.


              Copying the version from Source Documents perfectly works ..


              There is really a difference between the Distributed Version of the file and the reloaded version. But I dont' see which one..