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    Master Calender with 4 date fields

      Hi everybody,


      I have read so much through this community, but I didn't find an answer to my question. I want to use list boxes for the date for the easy choice.

      I have tables with different datafields. In all of them is the key %Item, because I have to combine different tables over this field. So I could not make all date fields as key words, because I then have many synthetic keys =(


      For example only four tables: Purorder, Order, Stocks and Prognosis.

      The stocks shows me the past development. The prognosis the future based on the order.

      Now I want to make a master calender, which shows me all datas, from past over actual to future.


      I tried this:




           purorder.date AS %date

      RESIDENT purorder;


           order.date AS %date

      RESIDENT order;


           stocks.date AS %date

      RESIDENT stocks;

           prognosis.date AS %date

      RESIDENT prognosis;


      The Calender shows me now, all dates from purorder. I have also try to use the concatenate respect the JOIN, but the result ist the same. Has anyone an idea, where my mistake lies?