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    Mashup initial load is very slow

    Mathieu Pignon


      I edited & deployed the Qlik Sense Agent as a Mashup on Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.1 SR2.


      If the features are working as it is with QSA on a dedicated NodeJS, the weakness is about performances at initial load.

      - QSA with dedicated NodeJS, init page load is done after about 1,70s.

      - QSA as a Mashup, init page load is done after about 40s.

      It seems to be a well known issue with Qlik Sense mashups, and I didn't find an helpful track on the Qlik Community.

      I just managed to go down to 17s by cleaning not needed dependencies, but it remains too long.


      Would you have any advise to boost the initial load of Mashups ?
      Is this an issue fixed with a future patch or version of Qlik Sense Enterprise ?


      Thanks in advance,