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      I'm trying to set up Qlikview Server to allow anonymoyus user to acess files.


      I made all the configurations in Qlikview Server and Web Server and when i try to open the file in qlikview acess point it gives me this error:


      Authenticate=&tunnuler.... QVSTUNNEL.dll... could not be opened


      Does any of you now why is  this happening?


      Best regards,


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          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Eliano.

          Do you have QV enterprise and sessions cals? Otherwise, I don't think you can have anonymous users.

          ... but you got an error message that mentions the QVSTunnel. So, if you have the proper license, I would also check firewall settings.


          Hope it helps,



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              If you have proper license which I assume you have and I shall assume you are letting Qlikview Server control access to files, then simply added your server anonymous account as a user to the required file and someone without a logon should be able to view said file.


              Thinkgs to lookout for : is windows allowing anon access accounts?, is the windows folder for your QV apps anon privliged?


              It would be preferable though to simply greate a user account in windows server say user:test pass:1234 and then let this account access specific files and make the credentials freely available, you could even edit the footer file in access point to display the generic logon, I did this to enter a forgot password function for my users.


              -- Chris