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    Export to excel: how do I get values as numbers instead of text?

    Phuoc Tran Minh



      This probably applies both to QlikView and Qlik Sense: I have noticed that sometimes number values are exported as text when exporting a table from Qlik to Excel. This is of course quite inconvenient as it requires extra conversion steps in Excel to be able to do calculations.


      I think this happens mainly when several different number formats are used within the same measure, e.g. in an income statement where some rows are € values and others are % values, or mixing € and $ values on different rows as per attached example.


      I think in QlikView there is a hidden option to always force exported values as numbers, but does similar exist in Qlik Sense? Of course it would be preferable to get number values with same formatting as in Sense but if that is not possible then just numbers without any formatting would be better than getting the exported values as text. I already tried to implement the measure as calculated dimension but that produces text values in export as well.


      Here is an example of how it looks like in Sense and as exported to Excel:


      Attached is the qvf and excel file displaying this behaviour.


      Thanks in advance!