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    Different stacked bars with one dimension (Qlik Sense)

    Gonzalo Yagüe Suñol

      Dear all,

      I have the following data (it's just a random data set. I can't show the original one due to privacy reasons).


      Country    Item 1      Item 2        Item 3          Item 4

      Spain        400            500            700            500

      France      650            800            900            200

      France      150            300            400            800

      Item 1, Item 2, Item 3 and Item 4 represent the number of units sold for each item. I need display two different stacked bars for each country working with Qlik Sense: the first one will represent Item 1 and Item 2 sales and the second one Item 3 and Item 4 sales. Is it possible to achieve it? Is there any extension might help me solve this issue?

      I would really appreciate if anyone could help me solve this issue.

      Best regards,