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    adding multiple files into sense using data manager



      I'm adding files into a new app via the data manager.

      the thing is i can only import one! file each time.

      i have a folder with 10 files

      when i click the + sign in the data manager it opens the data selection area with all the available connection and on the left a place to

      look for local files on my computer.

      for each file i need to select it, then qlik opens it and shows me the data, and then when i click add data it closes the file and suggest i open a new sheet, then i have to cancel the suggestion, which get me back into the data manager, then i have to click the + sign again, and of course, the path i typed there earlier is erased so i have to type it again, then look for my next file, and so on so on for each file i want to import


      isn't there a way to select multiple files and add them all at once? similar to the way its done when i select an excel file that has multiple sheets?

      this is TBH totally ridiculous

      any one have an idea how to do it? or workaround it?

      i tried dragin the files into the data manager but it didn't work

      am i missing something?

      please help