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    qlik demo for job application

    Mahdi Jafari

      Hi guys,


      I would like to provide a possible employer with a demo qlikview file I have worked on to give them an impression of my work.


      Now I have read about web extensions for qlik sense, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work with the private / free version.


      Do you have any solution for that?


      Thanks and regards,


        • Re: qlik demo for job application
          Bill Markham

          Yup - You can sure use bespoke extensions with the freebie Qlik Sense Desktop, both visualization & mashup extensions.


          If you do not already have web dev skills then there is a significant learning curve to writing Qlik Sense extensions, but one well worth embarking on, so maybe worthwhile concentrating on your strengths not your weaknesses.


          You could think about downloading some extensions off Qlik Branch, but don't try and pretend you wrote them, just simply tell the truth that you downloaded them from Branch / GitHub..  Most likely any decent potential employer would notice they were from Branch and if they didn't one would have to question whether one would be wise to work for them.