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    How to limit a visual on your sheet?

    Kyle Evans



      I have learned quite a bit and have searched extensively on the site before posting.  The issue I am facing is that I have a requirement to have 4 visuals all with unique filters built into them. I am happy to say that for 2 out of the 4 I have the correct filters applied and it works perfectly.  Where I am struggling and I know I am overthinking this lol, but here is my question below....


      I have a bar chart where I have created age groups based on networkdays(OrderCreated,Today() ) and these groups work great. I have groups 0-5, 6-10,11-20,30-40,41-60-61+. All of these work perfectly. Next I had to filter the data which was applied as well.


      My issue is that management only wants to see the 30-40,41-60, 61+ in the visual and they want to see it without having to select a manual filter. 


      My 2 remaining bar charts are causing me this headache. 1 is based on $ and one on distinct sales orders.


      =count( distinct  {$<SupplyChainBacklogCategory=-{'*Future*'},Reason ={'OPEN'},RevenueNonrevenue={'Revenue'},ProfitCenterLevel3Name={'North America'},SubRegion={'United States','Canada'},CategoryLvl1={'Schwinn','Mattel Critical','Hasbro'},HeaderStatus =-'*BDR*'>} SapON) - This works perfectly on its own, but how do I limit this to my Order Age Groups of 30-40, 41-60, 61+ in the visual?


      2nd is the same but in $

      =Sum({$<RevenueNonrevenue={'Revenue'},ProfitCenterLevel3Name={'North America'},SubRegion={'United States','Canada'},CategoryLvl1={'Schwinn','Mattel Critical','Hasbro'}>}[EGNetUsdAmount])


      I appreciate any assistance!