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    FTD,MTD,YTD (Qlik Sense)

    satish rathod


      please help me out to find the fields FTD,MTD,YTD.

      the date field is FKDAT(taking from sap) and i have linked this with normal Calendar Date as follows




          Date(FKDAT) AS FKDAT,

          Floor(Date(FKDAT)) AS DateNum,

          Year(FKDAT) AS Year,

          'Q' & Ceil(Month(FKDAT) / 3) AS Quarter,   

          Month(FKDAT) As Month,

          Day(FKDAT) As Day,

          Week(FKDAT) As Week


      RESIDENT SAP_Data;


      how to find FTD,MTD,YTD for (Sum(Sales)) using set expression .

      FTD-  for the day-1

      MTD- for the prevoius month

      (if current year is January 2017 the it should be show sum of December 2016).


      i have to display FTD,MTD,YTD in Table

        • Re: FTD,MTD,YTD (Qlik Sense)
          pradosh thakur

          Hi Satish


          not sure what you want is really called MTD or YTD or more like previous month sale or previous day sale


          but the expressions will look more or less like this, Please check your date format


          set vMaxDate = =Date(max(FKDAT), 'DD-MM-YYYY');

          set vPrevDate = =Date(max(FKDAT)-1, 'DD-MM-YYYY');

          set vPrevMonth = =Date(MonthStart(Max(FKDAT), -1), 'MMM')