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    String variable in match function in expression

    Linoy Elias

      Hi, I have a variable vRelevantBusinesses returning me a list of string values of a field "Business":


      vRelevantBusinesses_temp: Concat(distinct Business,',')

      vRelevantBusinesses: Chr(39) & Replace($(vRelevantBusinesses), ',', Chr(39) & ',' & Chr(39)) & Chr(39)

      The vRelevantBusinesses variable output is 'a','b','c'

      I need to write set analysis using match function and the vRelevantBusinesses variable output but it doesn't work:

      =If(match(Business, $(vRelevantBusinesses)), Business)

      Without the variable it works:

      =If(match(Business, 'a','b','c), Business)

      Please help on getting this to work: =If(match(Business, $(vRelevantBusinesses)), Business)

      Sample app is attached.