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    (REST) Different number of records depending on Limit

    Sergii Karandin

      Hello everyone,

      Struggling with the following situation and would appreciate any help with:


      So there's Rest source with approximately 16k records, which are returned in jsons upon request.

      At first I used connector and was able to retrieve all of them (all was good).


      Then the source was updated (data structure slightly changed), and things got weird:

      using previous settings (limit=100), only 5k records were available. Then during experiments I discovered that by changing limit (10 or 1000), different number of records can be loaded (9k and 1.5k respectively). Now I'm trying to load data with limit=1, but it takes quite a lot of time.


      Do you have any suggestions why this might be happening?

      I dont have broad experience with REST sources, so got quite confused here

      Thanks in advance


      UPD: the problem was on the database side