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    QlikAuthNet "Certificate not found AppPool credentials."

    Guillermo Contreras

      I'm using Qlike sense with its own web server.
      Also, I have an application running on IIS 8 on the same server but on port 8080. It is developed on MVC and I am using the QlikAuthNet library. When trying to connect QlikAuthNet (NuGet Gallery | QlikAuthNet 1.1.2) returns the following: "Certificate not found AppPool credentials.". What is happening?.
      The code is the following:

                  string qlikHost = "...";

                  string qlikUrlTicket = "...";

                  string userDirectory = "...";



                  //String uri = host + "https://win-lmm1rjjhd4r:4243/qps/nr";

                  var req = new Ticket


                      UserDirectory = userDirectory,// "win-lmm1rjjhd4r",//QLIK,DemoUser

                      UserId = usuario,


                  //Not need when the request is initialized from the Virtual Proxy


                  req.ProxyRestUri = qlikHost+ qlikUrlTicket;


                  // Add a list og groups (deliter separated string on List<string>)

                  req.AddGroups(grupos); //req.AddGroups("Group1;Group2;Group3");

                  req.AddAttributes("email", email); //req.AddAttributes("email", "demouser@qlikdemo.com");

                  req.CertificateName = "QlikClient";

                 // req.CertificateLocation = System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.StoreLocation.CurrentUser;


                  //Perform ticket request

                  return req.TicketRequest();


      Thank you very much for your help