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    To display Positive and Negative Signs in KPI Object

    SK B

      Hi All,


      I have requirement as below.


      To populate positive and negative values like +1.1% or -2.5% and apply the colour Green for Positive values and Red for negative values using KPI Object in qlik Sense


      The meaure I have used.




      By appying the above I can the acheive the result but I am unable to display the '+' & '-' sign.


      I have then Used Num(Num($(Field1%)-$(Field2),'#,##0.0%'),'+#,##0.0%') & Chr(10),By using this I can display the display the '+' & '-' but I am unable to Set the colours under Colour Tab.


      The message shows "There is some error in the expression".


      Is there any alternate to acheive this??