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    Peek Value | Carry max value of previously read records

    Byron Van Wyk

      Hi All,


      I have the following table




      I cannot correctly peek the expected result. The following conditions are in play


      1. Table is grouped by Owner and sorted ASC Start

      2. If Owner = Previous(Owner) then check if the current start row is GREATER than ANY PREVIOUSLY read end row for that OWNER

      if it is, then use that rows end date otherwise use the previously read row.


      My ExpectedResult shows you what I am after. How would I write this in script

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          Sunny Talwar

          Try this



          LOAD * INLINE [

              ID, Owner, Start, End

              1, A, 2, 8

              2, A, 4, 6

              3, A, 5, 7

              4, A, 9, 12

              5, B, 3, 4

              6, B, 5, 13

              7, B, 8, 10

              8, B, 11, 12

              9, B, 15, 17

              10, B, 16, 18



          LOAD *,

          If(Owner = Previous(Owner), RangeMax(Peek('ExpectedResult'), End), End) as ExpectedResult

          Resident Table

          Order By Owner, ID;

          DROP Table Table;

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            Pablo Labbe

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