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    Using "Admonths" in expression

    phuc pham

      Hi all,


      I need to count a number of customer using services in last 1m/3m or 6m, so that i set an expression like that:

      count({<[TransDate]={'>=$(admonths(today(),-1))'}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 1M

      count({<[TransDate]={'>=$(admonths(today(),-3))'}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 3M

      count({<[TransDate]={'>=$(admonths(today(),-6))'}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 6M

      However, all these three expressions show the same result!


      Please help me to correct that expression. Thank you!




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          Sunny Talwar

          Try with an equal sign within the dollar sign expansion  and also switch single quotes to double quotes and see if that works


          count({<[TransDate]={">=$(=admonths(today(),-1))"}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 1M

          count({<[TransDate]={">=$(=admonths(today(),-3))"}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 3M

          count({<[TransDate]={">=$(=admonths(today(),-6))"}>} distinct [Cus.No]) ==> for 6M

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            Pablo Labbe

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