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    Qlik Skype Bot

    Nitin Sai Vishnu Gadamsetty

      Hi I was able to integrate my Qlik Sense desktop with Skype bot and im also getting my measure values and calculations etc..

      But i have a requirement of creating lets say a bar chart with some measures and dimension on the fly using QIX Api.

      Below is the part of code.
      I read somewhere that whatever object we create with QIX it will not reflect on the QVF but only confined to that particular session.

      So how do i get the a snapshot of that chart which is virtually  created for the session.


      This is my code. Please help



                   .then((global) => {

                       global.openDoc(appId).then((app) => {

           app.createObject({ qInfo: { qType: 'barchart' },"qDimensions": [ { "qLibraryId": "", "qDef": { "qFieldDefs": [ "region" ]}}],"qMeasures": [{"qLibraryId": "","qDef": {"qLabel": "Cars sold","qDef": "Sum([revenue])"}}] }).then(api => { session.send('Chart created'); });



                   }).catch(err => console.log('Something went wrong :(', err));