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    Include NULL values in expression

    Fabio Castanheira

      Hello everyone,


      I have the following (simplified) data model, where the blanks in DimB are NULL values :


      The business requirement is to display the following chart with :

          - Dimensions :

              - DimA (lines)

              - DimB (columns)

          - Measures :

              - Result (sum of Ind where DimB isn't null)

              - TotalResult (sum of Ind whether DimB is null or not)



      I am having a hard time calculating TotalResult, because I need to include NULL values without displaying an extra column for DimB (which was what I obtained when replacing NULL values with a blank in the script, and the users won't accept it).


      I would be grateful for any help you could provide, please don't hesitate to ask for more details if my example isn't explicit enough.


      Best regards,