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    GeoAnalytics using Within Function

    Larry Alwin

      I have two associated datasets for households and bank branches.  I have created travel areas around each bank branch and a point map of the households using Lat, Lon.  I need the travel area (polygon) selectable to select the households (points) within that travel area.


      When I load a small sample (10) of the housholds the data loads, creates 3 synthetic keys, a circular reference and the engine fails.

      When I load a larger sample (100) of the households the load fails with a null error (though no nulls exist).


      i am finding very very little documentation on using within and the within example is using a point within a standard area rather than a loaded table polygon and I am unable to use it to make my app work.


      Is there anyone out there that has successfully done this that would be able to help me out?




      My data model and settings for the within are as follows.