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    Expression in bar chart

    Nikita Agrawal

      Hi ,



      I am trying to write an expression in a bar and line combo chart.


      when I am writing below expression the value is coming different in the chart and different in Straight table.


      Expression in Straight table- I have Region as a dimension in staright table which is having value apac and emeia.

      Premium value : NUM(ROUND(SUM({<Month=,TDimMonth.PrevFiscalMonth=P(TMonth.FiscalMonth)>}TSummary.Value)))



      Expression in Bar Chart

      Premium Value : Sum({<Month=,TMonth.PrevFiscalMonth=P(TMonth.FiscalMonth)>}if(Region='APAC',TSummary.Value))



      Please help how can i write the expression in bar chart which will give the same value as in straight table.