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    Skip and Take dynamic from JSON load

    Paul Damen



      I have a JSON load from AFAS which I use the Qlik Sense rest connector for. Problem I face is that I can't get the whole pagination to work. I have a Skip and Take in the load which gets the value 0 and 100 from the source.


      What I need is to make this skip dynamic. So 0 in the first load, and then add 1000 for example in a loop. How can I get this to work? Not real familiar with this JSON type of scripting.


      Regards, Paul


      Let total = 0;

      Let totalfetched = 0;
      Let startAt = 0;
      Let pageSize = 100;


      for startAt = 0 to total step pageSize

      (SELECT ....





      FROM URL.....