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    Insert row in csv file from variable

    Mohammad Azadi

      hi everyone

      i want to update qvd file and for that i need to know last time of update it.

      i create csv file and need to append time of update in every load app.

      i know we must use variable , but i don't know  continue it.

      please help me with example, thanks

        • Re: Insert row in csv file from variable
          Bill Markham

          Personally I'd create a qvd file and in the load script add a row to it something like this :


          QVD_Updated :


          now()  as [QVD Updated]

          autogenerate 1



          if ( FileSize ( 'lib://Folder/QVD_Updated.qvd' ) > 0 ) then

          trace File Exists ;

          Concatenate ( QVD_Updated )

              Load * from [lib://Folder/QVD_Updated.qvd] (qvd) ;

          end if ;


          Store QVD_Updated into [lib://Folder/QVD_Updated.qvd] (qvd) ;