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    Multiline Lists

    Tom Arnold

      I'm loading tables in a script by creating a list of the table names and then looping through them.  The list is getting long and unwieldy, so instead of this:


      Set tableList = 'table1','table2','table3',...;



      I would like to do something more maintainable, maybe like this:


      Set tableList =








      I tried this, but apparently the line returns are preserved.  Is there a way to do multiline lists?




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          omar bensalem

          Was that a question?

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            Anil Samineni

            Each array can allocate in singular formation not multi lines. So, AFAIK that can not be done. Not sure in your case, Why Array needed in long key using all tables in single momentum,,!

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              pradosh thakur

              Why not try something like this if your table name are Table1,Table2 etc,.. it will include all of them ,


              FOR i = NoOfTables()-1 to 0 STEP -1
                LET vTableName=TableName($(i));
                IF WildMatch('$(vTableName)', 'Table*') THEN


              .//your code here

              NEXT i

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                Pablo Labbe

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                  Clever Anjos

                  Maybe this can help you

                  SET List =

















                  Let List = Replace(List,chr(10),''); // removes the cr

                  for each table in $(List) // iterate over your list

                       trace $(table);