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    Time Period Dimension for a Filter

    Jeff Catterson

      What is the best way to build a dynamic timeframe?  what I am looking to do is  build pre set time periods based on a month/year coming from the data set.  Ideally, I would like to build a 3 month/6 month 12 month time period.  Rather than a user see in a filter drop down:



      JAN 17

      FEB 17

      MAR 17

      APR 17

      MAY 17

      JUN 17

      JUL 17

      AUG 17

      SEP 17

      OCT 17

      NOV 17

      DEC 17


      Where they could go and pick as many months at a time, I would rather them see:


      Rolling 3 Months

      Rolling 6 Months

      Rolling 12 Months


      Rolling 3 Months = DEC, NOV, OCT

      Rolling 6 Months = DEC, NOV, OCT, SEP, AUG, JUL

      Rolling 12 Months = Complete Data Set


      What I would like is to be able to have a number of KPIs/charts on a sheet that if the filter box was "binned" accordingly would then respond to this bin.  I would like to avoid having to add any sort of reference to time periods to each KPI.

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          pradosh thakur

          you can still use the normal rolling calculations with

          1:an inline load where Rolling 3 Months,Rolling 6 Months, Rolling 12 Months are the field.

          2: use if(getfieldselection(), .....) in expressions.


          this way you can use whatever you want and you wont be hardcoding Rolling 3 Months,Rolling 6 Months, Rolling 12 Months,

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            Kapil Gavri

            Hi Pradosh,


            I have a similar kind of situation where my Reporting date field has data something like :-


            30 Nov, 17

            31 Oct, 17

            30 Sep, 17

            31 Aug, 17


            My requirement is to extract Current month, Previous month and previous quarter from this field

            For example

            If Reporting date = June 30 2017
            Current month-end = June 30 2017

            Previous month-end = May 31 2017

            Previous quarter-end = March 30 2017


            Use cases:

            • multiple options (current/previous month end or previous quarter-end) can be selected at the same time
            • the 3 options should dynamically update the reporting date drop down list with the selected dates


            Following is the example image on ultimately how it could look like.Any suggestions please??