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    Load balancing in QlikView without having clustered server environment

    Nazneen Tandur

      Hi there,

      Hope you are going great.


      I would to understand couple of points about load balancing on QlikView server without having clustered server setup.

      In my process , i have 2 servers(primary server and secondary server).

      As of now , we have implemented SSO on the QV primary server. However, we are intended to implement the same SSO on the secondary server so that users can switch over to secondary server in case primary goes down.

      My Client has suggested to use Load balancing . As per my understanding , the load balancing is possible in the cluster environment, but we do not have cluster setup. we have 2 independent QV server.


      Could you please suggest , if the load balancing is possible without cluster . If yes, how?

      Do we need to have QV native load balancer?


      Thanks in advance.