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    Pins are not coming if plotting pin by name and lat long together Qlik Sense Geoanalytic.




      We have some geographic regions as shown below:



      Data load script:



      [Id] AS [Geo.Id],

      [Geo] AS [GeoName],



      [Status] AS [Geo.Status],

      GeoMakePoint([Latitude], [Longitude]) AS [Longitude_Latitude]

      FROM [lib://Desktop/SampleData.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Geo)

      WHERE [Status] = 'A';



      I want to plot all these geo's as bubble on map, so to achieve this in bubble layer. I am giving dimension as 'Geo'. Its perfectly working fine for some pins, but for some geo's pins are not plotting like ASGR (Austria, Switzerland,Germany).

      So in my Qliksense bubble layer, I have given below expression:


      If Longitude_Latitude is not define then plot point based on GeoName else use lat long.


      When I am using above expression no bubble is appearing on map, but if am using any of the below given expression then points are showing on map.

      Longitude_Latitude  //Only ASGR will appear on map

      GeoName                  //Except ASGR all geo will appear on map

      So I just wanted to know is there any way through which we can plot these bubble on map by Geo Name and LatLong both?



      Dilip Solanki