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    How to add one more condition to =if( [C_ONHAND_AMT]>1,[product code]) ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All

      I have a table which is working fine.

      I need to make the table only display those stock Number of Turn > 10

      Now it display all stock Number of turn > 0.

      My stock turn over expression :-


      My dimension expression now as below , working fine ::-

      =if( [C_ONHAND_AMT]>1,[product code])

      In order only list those stock Numberof turn >10

      I need to add below expression to existing dimension expression  :-


      So the overall new expression for dimension should be :-

      =if( [C_ONHAND_AMT]>1 and C_ONHAND_AMT/sum(B_COGS)>10,[product code])

      But it does not work.