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    how can i split a straight table with 50 records result into 2 straight tables?

    Amien Amien

      I have this straight table in Qlik Sense:


      Date, Name


      This gives me 50 records.

      Now i want to create two straight tables : one which shows me the first 25. And the other Straight table should show the other 25 records.


      I tried with this:


      If(RowNo() > 0 And RowNo() <= 25,RowNo()) and then a "Include Null Values" Unchecked .. this works fine .. but i don't want to create another column, just for this (space is limited)


      If(RowNo() > 0 And RowNo() <= 25,Name) Also doesn't work.


      Anyone got other ideas? Otherwise i have to load a special table for this, which puts the RowNo into the datamodel.


      Thanks in advanced