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    Operations Monitor not showing all streams

    NagaArjun Krishnamoorthy

      Hi Tyler,


      I need your help for my scenario in operation monitor app,I have no problem with reloading part,but facing issue in data refresh,I have 10+ Streams in QMC but data showing only 3 Stream in application(Sheet App) and also check qrs query in different application only 3 streams data only get loaded.

      LIB CONNECT TO 'monitor_apps_REST_app';



        SQL SELECT

            "id" AS "id_u4",

            "createdDate" AS "createdDate_u0",

            "modifiedDate" AS "modifiedDate_u0",

            "modifiedByUserName" AS "modifiedByUserName_u0",

            "name" AS "name_u3",












            FROM "owner" FK "__FK_owner"),


                "name" AS "name_u2",


            FROM "stream" FK "__FK_stream")

        FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";