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    How can I filter by only items that match multiple selected dimensions (same field)?

    Scott Robertson

      I am working on an app that would allow the user to search capacity based on skillsets.  So my data includes lists of members and their respective skillsets, here is a rough sample of what it would look like:


      Member1  |   Skillset 1

      Member1  |   Skillset 2

      Member1  |   Skillset 3

      Member1  |   Skillset 4

      Member2  |   Skillset 1

      Member2  |   Skillset 4


      I am trying to allow the app users to search for "% matches" of skillsets, so if they selected Skillsets 1, 2, and 4 the table would display Member1 as 100% match and member 2 as 66% match.


      Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated, I have tried what feels like 20 different approachs but have been getting odd/misleading results or errors.