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    Set analysis with IF function

    Jonnie Yacoub

      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to show the leads of different spaces in KPI buttons. But i want to exclude some values... I tried this but it did not work:


      COUNT(IF({[wants_office_own_meters_max] < 40, DUAL ('0 - 40 M2', 1),

      [source] -={'Via verhuurder'},




      When i use this it works:

      COUNT(IF([wants_office_own_meters_max] < 40, DUAL ('0 - 40 M2', 1)))

      But i need to exclude some sources and start the count from date 1/03/2017...

        • Re: Set analysis with IF function
          Luis Madriz

          Hi Jonnie,


          What do you want to count if [wants_office_own_meters_max] >= 40?

          Is it two KPI boxes?

          it'll be great if you show sample data or data structure and expected outcome

          One KPI could be

          COUNT( {<[wants_office_own_meters_max] = {"<40"}>} [wants_office_own_meters_max])

          The other:

          COUNT( {<[wants_office_own_meters_max] = {">=40"}, [source] -={"Via verhuurder"}, [date]={">=01/03/2017"} >}  [wants_office_own_meters_max])


          I hope this helps,