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    GeoAnalytics - invalid key after upgrading to November-Release

    Frank Havers



      i just upgraded QlikSense GeoAnalytics to November2017-Release (Patch 31218) by deleting the old extensions, importing the new ones und starting the install-Program. This asks for the registration key, accepts it and finishes with no error. When i open an app with map, i see the error message "Error: invalid key".


      I googled this and found Error: Invalid Key message? and tried to analize the problem. When i load the page in chrome with open developer tools (F12) on network panel, the last web-request does NOT contain the license key:




      If i enter the license key into this request after "key=", i get the wanted result (longer javascript).


      I looked for the license.js file and found it in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Extensions\ideviomap

      I was not able to open it ("Access denied"), but to copy it und open it in another location. The file contains the license key and another number, seperated by ":".


      The same license (Type "Qlik GeoAnalytics Bundled") works fine in QlikSenseDesktop (November-Release Patch1)


      What can I do, to make Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics work on my machine?


      Thanks in advance for advice