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    line chart with total

    colin odonnell

      Hello there,


      This is Colin, I am new to Qlik Sense and cannot find an answer to my question.


      There are two things I would like to do:


      Firstly, I would like a new Line added to the top of the Line Chart to show the total of the individual selected columns each month.

      This amount is shown in the Pivot Table in bold under Totals.


      When I use the following, it gives me multiple totals when I only need one total.

      rangesum( above( count(SelectedColumn),0,rowno()))


      Secondly, I would like to duplicate this Line Chart (with the total now added) and show the Selected Columns/Datapoints as percentages of the total in each month.



      My Data is in this Structure:




      02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand
      02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand
      02/03/201632016Feature-matched by Brand







      I hope that this is sufficient and really look forward to hearing from you,


      Many thanks,