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    How to manage your data??

    shih li

      I had a database.

      And i made a lot of charts from this database.

      But i hope those charts are not relative.(It means when i select one object,the other data don't need to change)


      Now i made a lot of area to separate them.

      But it will become slower.


      Does it make by this way is right ??

      Or anyone has good method to manage that ??

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          Bill Markham

          One of the strengths of Qlik is its Associative Model, as in when something is selected then that selection propagates throughout the whole data model.  E.g. If this month is selected once, then that selection will be reflected in all viz's.


          This default behavior can be overridden, maybe to display 4 KPI's for say :

          • This Month
          • Last Month
          • This Year
          • Last Year


          This would often be done with Set Analysis in the 4 KPI viz's to override the default selection behaviour,


          To be honest I am not sure on the details of what you are trying to achieve, or what you mean by Now i made a lot of area to separate them.


          Maybe you could describe a sample scenario to clarify.