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    Ignore filters for Networkdays calculation

    Matt McIlvride

      I've looked around and seen several solutions for creating a static calculation on a field that is subject to filters, but my use case seems to be sufficiently different.


      I am working on a daily report with a table that looks like this:


      EmployeeDays Since Last Phone CallDays Worked





      This report has a filter that allows users to select a number of weeks. The Days Worked column should be dynamic and show the number of days worked for the selected time period. However, I would like the Days Since Last Phone Call column to always show the number of days since the last call relative to today. Currently, it does so only when no filter is selected.


      The code I am using for the Days Since Last Phone Call column is this:


      Networkdays(Max(PhoneCallDate), Today() - 1)


      I have seen several discussions that mention using set analysis, but I am not doing a count or sum so it does not appear to be applicable. I also cannot use TOTAL as I need the days to be per employee, not a whole.