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    Display Latest Quarter in KPI

    Monu Saraswati

      Hi ,


      I want the latest Quarter to be display in the KPI object.

      Example - "Q1-2018" . Quarter Column is coming from the table. Please let me know what function can be used to get the latest quarter value in the KPI object.



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          P M

          Try this



          ,[Posting Date]={">=$(=QuarterStart(max({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Posting Date])))<=$(=max({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Posting Date]))"}

          >}[Sales Amount])




          ,[Posting Date]={">=$(=QuarterStart(max([Posting Date])))<=$(=max([Posting Date]))"}

          >}[Sales Amount])