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    Adding KPI according to selection

    Denis Lomakin

      Hi Community:

      Wanted to ask if this is possible in Qlik Sense.

      I have a data for Auto Dealer that have hierarchy as this:

      1. National - All Dealers across the world

      2. Dealers Zone

      3.Dealer District

      4.Dealer Code


      I need to create KPI's that summarizing overall satisfaction score for all dealerships grouping it by existing hierarchy.

      For example First KPI will show National Score (nothing selected yet).

      Then when user selects Dealer Zone the App will show two KPI's - One for National and one for Dealer Zone.

      And so on

      Also when user selects Dealer code - the last dimension in hierarchy the app will show 4 KPI's.

      Please see the examples below:

      No Selection

      CSE All.PNG


      Zone Selected:

      CSE Zone.PNG

      Code Selected:

      CSE Code selected.PNG

      Please let me know if it is possible and if yes how to do it.