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    Qlik Certification


      Hi All


      Did any one completed Certification in Qlikview ? Can you provide the details on the same.



      Vijay C

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Except for those details shared on our website, sharing more details about the content of the exam would be illegal. Those still doing so are violating the rules you accepted and as a result will loose their certification.

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              Karen Origlio

              Thank you, Onno. Let me provide more details.


              That is correct - discussing the content of any Qlik Certification Exam is a violation of the "Qlik Certification Exam Access and Use Agreement", which you can download from the bottom on this page: http://www.pearsonvue.com/qlik/ (This agreement is accepted by all Qlik Certification candidates before registering for an exam, a standard practice in the certification industry.)


              Instead, I recommend visiting the QlikView Certification web page and reading all of it, include the FAQs. From this page you will find links to other resources, including FREE Certification Practice Questions, which are now hosted in Qlik Continuous Classroom.


              If you have more questions, please email me at certification@qlik.com.


              Karen Origlio

              Sr. Certification Program Manager @ Qlik

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              HECTOR JIMENEZ

              Studying a lot and practicing a lot, there is not another way to get Qlik Certificates.


              Also, try to get additional materials, these books were usefull for me:


              1. QlikView 11 for Developers

              2. The Data Warehouse Toolkit


              I failed my first exam last year, so I studied very hard for the next one. Don´t worry if you fail, always will be more opportinities to pass.