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    change bar colors in bar chart

    krishna b

      Hi All,

      How to change bar colors in bar chart By Expression.(Qliksense)

      Dimension: AffectedApplication

      Measure 1:

      =if(GetSelectedCount(Affected_Month)>0,Round(Sum([Overall Availability%])/Count([Overall Availability%]))&''& '%',Only({<Affected_Date={'$(=Max(Affected_Date))'}>}[Overall Availability%])&''& '%')


      Measure 2:


      Round(Sum([Unavailability%])/Count([Unavailability%]))&''& '%',

      Only({<Affected_Date={'$(=Max(Affected_Date))'}>}[Unavailability%])&''& '%')

      I need green for 1st measure and blue for 2nd measure.