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    QVS.exe is wreaking havoc and I have no idea why

    Fabian Otte

      Hi everyone,


      I have a Qlikview Server running with serveral Reports on it. Since two days the QVS.exe is sporadically using the CPUs so heavily that the accesspoint gets slow and opened reports don't react anymore at all. This workload stays like this for at least 20 minutes, after this time period I killed/restarted the Qlikview Server Service, because I needed the system back on track for the users to work on it.


      Does anybody know how I can find out what causes the high CPU workload?


      Qlikview Performance-Logs, Windows Event Logs and Resource Monitor only give me the information that there is a high workload coming from QVS.exe, that there is more than enough RAM and that there are not more active users than usual, I get no information about which report/user is causing the workload.


      We did not deploy any new reports in recent time that would explain the sudden change in the servers behavior and on some days the issue does not appear at all, on others several times a day.


      If anybody could give me a hint to solve this mystery, I would be really grateful.

      If you need any further information, let me know.