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    (Sense QMC) App reload before previous reload ended

    Sergii Karandin

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to figure out how trigger to reload would work on an app already being reload, and would appreciate your help


      Let's presume there is an app which reloads appr 5 minutes, and I go and create task to reload it every 2 minutes.

      How it's gonna work?

      Let's say first ever reload started at 00:00, what is going to happen at 00:02, when task is triggered to be executed, but the app is already being reloaded?


      I tested it a bit and in practice it seems to work, at least in a simple app with "sleep for 5 min" in script (triggers don't break reload in progress), but I kinda want to understand how it works under the hood, so that I wont face any pitfalls in the real apps.


      Thanks in advance


      EDIT: looks like trigger is simply ignored when task already running