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    Cashflow Query Opening & Closing Balance

    Mohammed Al Radi

      Dear Qlik Community,


      I am currently attempting to create a cashflow based on data that resembles the attached document. A simple income table and Expenditure table. If I know that the opening balance is 15000 at the start of august (first month in the dataset), how can i create a cashflow like table that has 'opening balance' on the first row and 'closing balance' on the last row.


      As we know that 15000 is the opening is there anyway of instructing qlik to add all income from the month and subtract expenses to figure out the closing balance at the bottom, then have that closing balance carry to the top of the next month etc...?


      Thank you for your support. Unfortunately the dataset I am working does not work in very granular dates (Days) so I cannot create a journal with a balance column. Hopefully I can convince the people I am working to move towards a journal format.