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    Random dimension name formatting in selection bar.

    Steven Taschereau



      We're seeing something we can't explain or correct in our Qlik Sense apps. 


      We have sheets with multiple filter objects across the top of each.  The dimensions the filters refer to are all specified in the same way. The problem is, when selections are made in these filters, the dimension names that appear in the selection bar sometimes show just the name and sometimes show the full "expression" of the name. (see image)


      For example, if the dimension is specified as "=[Subjects.Subject]" it is displayed on the selection bar as "Subjects.Subject"

      but for "=[Visits.zMissing Visit Flag]" what is displayed is "=[Visits.zMissing Visit Flag]".    At first I thought the issue might be caused by having spaces in the second dimension's name, however I created several filters using other dimensions that have spaces in their names and those displayed properly (without =[]).  


      Can anyone tell me why this is happening?