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    Find number of occurence in several fields

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qlikers,


      I would like to find a way to count how many time I find a specific value in several fields. My table looks like this








      etc ...


      Resident MyData;


      How can I calculate how many time I find for each ID (unique in my table) how many time I find value 'x' in dimenssion A, B, C, D, etc...

      For information, I have more than 200 fields so I try to find and easy way instead of doing something like :

           if(A like '*x*',1,0)  +   if(B like '*x*',1,0)  +   if(C like '*x*',1,0)  + etc....

      Also, one last thing, 'x' is unique in each dimenssion.

      Thanks for your help.