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    Calculating Total in Table - Qlik Sense

    Elizabeth Viso



      I am trying to calculate a total for a table, I need to count all the total across and then divide it by the count of facilities then divide by 3. So for example, the first row should = 67% but it doesn't work.


      I tried:


      Count([UHealth Tower])+Count([UMHC Applebaum])+Count([UMHC BPEI])+Count([UMHC Coral Spg])+Count([UMHC Deerfield])+Count([UMHC Ear Institute])+Count([UMHC Hollywood])+Count([UMHC IR Clinic])+Count([UMHC Kendall])+Count([UMHC LFMC])+Count([UMHC Marlin Park])+Count([UMHC Pain Clinic])+Count([UMHC Plantation])+Count([UMHC Radiology])+Count([UMHC Safie])+Count([UMHC SCCC])


      SUM([UHealth Tower])+SUM([UMHC Applebaum])+Sum([UMHC BPEI])+Sum([UMHC Coral Spg])+Sum([UMHC Deerfield])+Sum([UMHC Ear Institute])+Sum([UMHC Hollywood])+Sum([UMHC IR Clinic])+Sum([UMHC Kendall])+Sum([UMHC LFMC])+Sum([UMHC Marlin Park])+Sum([UMHC Pain Clinic])+Sum([UMHC Plantation])+Sum([UMHC Radiology])+Sum([UMHC Safie])+Sum([UMHC SCCC]) /3


      Which is counting all the facilities then / by the sum total of each column then / by 3 but it doesn't work.