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    Preserve image quality when exporting QlikView report to PDF

    Evan Kurowski

      Hello Community,


      There's an image banner I'd like to include at the top of our QlikView reports.  The image appears cleanly across 6 different layers of preview, but when it gets to the final stage of PDF export, messy pixellation occurs.


      Any ideas what can be adjusted to render the PDF image cleanly? Ways the previews can be aligned more closely to give indication of the final output?


      The image appears acceptable at the following stages:

      • Original image
      • QlikView desktop
      • QlikView web view
      • QlikView Report designer preview
      • Microsoft XPS print preview (and prints to page cleanly)
      • PDF X-Change 3.0 print preview



      Only after the last step actually printing to PDF, does the quality degradation make itself visible.