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    Sense Server Installation problem

    Angel Tomov

      Hello guys, I have installed previous versions(3.0 and older) of Qlik Sense Server without problem.


      However, I am trying now to install Qlik Sense 3.2 on Windows Server 2016.
      after following the steps in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx2R6LPKKPo


      I have successfully installed the Qlik Sense Server, However I can't access the Hub or the QMC.

      after checkin the log in proxy/hub i saw that I have this :



      20180105T140811.677+0200 qliksenseserver 0.15.8 Global WARN endpoint plugin C:/Program Files/Qlik/Sense/HubService/endpoint-plugins/openapi/index.js failed to load, Error: Cannot find module '../../../public/api-docs.json'




      I don't know if this error is related to the ability not to load the webpage.


      When I have previously installed qlik sense, after trying to connect Internet Explorer always asked me is this a trusted website, and I had to click yes. But now No such window is showing.


      When i click the Icon on the desktop QMC, the browser opens and it says :
      This web page can't be displayed.




      Any help will be highly appreciated...  Thanks dear Qlikers !