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    Help: Unable to make a Local QlikView app connection in NPrinting 2017 version

    John Blomqvist

      Hello all,


      I have a QlikView app that I am trying to connect to with NPrinting June 2017 version but it is unable to find the QVW file.


      To confirm:


      • I have specified the path that contains the QVW file using the \\computername\c$\folders\QlikViewApp.qvw format
      • Specified the QVW file name as it is named exactly and added the .qvw extension at the end of the name
      • Ticked "Connection requires authentication" and entered my local laptop login ID
      • Ticked "Change password" and entered my personal account password


      When I Run Verification it says it comes up with a X next to "The document exists". Everything else is green.


      What am I doing incorrectly? Please help