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    Load a field that is assigned as month and another as year

    Maximiliano Carena

      Hello community !, I do not know how to solve this problem ...

      I have a table with 2 fields, 1º column is the Name of the branch and the other indicates if they met OBJETIVE, this I have a month close, so I want add a third column but cover the entire month, for example 12/2017 (December 2017). How can I do to solve it?

      To clarify I have other records with the field DATE and that is configured in the script with the CALENDAR function.


      CórdobaYes12/2017 12
      CatamarcaNo12/2017 12
      La RiojaNo12/2017 12
      Santa FeYes12/2017 12


      I appreciate much your time and attention.